The way we work together globally is changing rapidly:

  • Groups merge for the duration of a project only,
  • Groups are multicultural and very heterogeneous,
  • Group members are located in different locations across all time zones.


What does that mean for the leadership and organization of a project?


They transform into "Digital Leadership" and "Digital Organization" without ignoring the principles of effective leadership.


These optimized approaches are characterized by three main aspects:

  • flexible and adaptable
  • Connecting generations and cultures
  • virtually connected


The last one relates to the availability and handling of technology.

In the last two aspects, dealing with values ​​is central. The leadership has to create a framework in which the members of a group can work self-organized and purposefully inspired by the leaders.


For the technological aspect, we rely on the internationalization platform of Global Partner Bayern e.V., which is oriented towards flexible, temporary project development. Also, from our point of view, the canon of values ​​required for modern, successful and effective project development is comprehensively described in the mission statement of the association.


The focused and moderating aspect of cooperation continues to be driven by the vision and principles of effective leadership and collaboration with all stakeholders.


We hope to inspire you to cooperate with us and would be pleased to hear from you directly after signing up.


With best regards


Bernd Mattner