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Every creation, every invention, every innovation, every investment is to generate something new.
Our consultant agency is based in Munich, capital of the eighth most thriving European region, Bavaria, and third largest city and symbolic capital of the European engine, Germany.
We believe and we train ourselves working together, the public, private and NGO sectors building a Global Network in almost every continent and associated with the best professionals in each location.
We believe in coopetition that rises above the isolated Competition and Cooperation.
We believe in the existence of a Global Village that through information technology has shortened distances but there are others that still need to be reduced.
We believe in providing quality work and expertise to our customers.
Latam In Ventum GmbH has a sense of origin and destination. Origin because Latin America is the geographical point of departure of our thinking and our relationships.Destination because In Ventum means in Latin «against the wind» and in that sense «invent» is risking and risk is «against the wind».
Latin America throughout its history has also gone against the wind sometimes for its own decisions and some other times it has also found headwinds.
See opportunities where others do not see them is also going against the wind, it is to invent, to create. Hence the similarity of the roots between In Ventar (Invent in Spanish) and In Verter (invest in Spanish). Both share the risk, taking advantage of the opportunity and the decision to go into the new. Inventing is investing.
We believe in what we create.




We want to share with you our vision and strategic situation on national and international issues from an economic, political and social approach. Therefore offer weekly economic reports prepared by our Associate Federico Muñoz for more than 15 years on the development of Argentina, Latin American and international economy.
Also we elaborate Political Analysis Reports studying the national, regional and global Realpolitik and Strategic Reports aimed at recovering the necessary Strategic Vision every public and private leader must have. Quo Vadis? Where is the world heading to? In the economic, political and social aspects, and especially in industries considered strategic as TICs, Energy, Agribusiness, and Biotechnology.
We simultaneously seek and receive opportunities for International Business Development. As an important part of our goal as a company is to identify those businesses, develop, finance and implement them in a sustainable way from a social and environmental perspective.
Social Innovation is supporting the International Philanthropy that thousands of NGOs carry out, seeking financing or destination through international cooperation and the pursuit of cultural, social, humanitarian purposes as wells as human development.
Finally the inner look is on the organizational logic of the company and we offer solutions to the organizational and human resources problems that arise through training, scouting, coaching and internal reorganization processes.
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