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Global Partners Bayern e.V.


The Global Partners Bayern e.V. is an innovative non governmental organization for project-oriented internationalization. Notably, projects for development in emerging and developing countries and in Europe are being launched.


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Project-oriented Internationalization


Global Partners Bayern e.V. offers companies the opportunity to contribute their expertise, products and services to international projects. The association ensures that the projects are based on the Sustainability Development Goals of the UN.


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Innovative organizational structure

The unique and innovative organizational structure of Global Partner Bayern e. V. enables a structured approach to the identification of international project opportunities. This is done by weighing up economic and political risks as well as the holistic and intersectoral project implementation..


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Project Development


The project development is realized in a three-phase model:

  • with political support from a project opportunity to a defined project worldwide
  • development of a holistic project approach and forming a convoy for competence coverage during implementation
  • development of economic project companies as economic business units for project implementation

The economic implementation of projects is the responsibility of the participating companies from home and abroad and takes place outside the organizations's activities.


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Philosphy of project Partnership


What benefits can we offer our international partners? Global Partners Bayern e. V. adds innovative value to the projects of international cooperation partners. Sustainable management and resource efficiency are our benchmarks.


Socio-political task

The provision of goal-oriented framework conditions for project-oriented internationalization strengthens in particular the small and midium size enterprises and is implemented as a socio-political task by the Board on an honorary basis.


Global Partners Business Solution GmbH


On behalf of the Global Partner Bayern e.V., Global Partners Business Solution GmbH (GPBS) operates an online portal electronically providing the processes of the three-phase model for project-oriented internationalization.
The GPBS as an independent entity offers the related services. GPB e.V. members can have their own group of companies set up in the portal, and Country Desks provide advertisements on cooperation offers from international companies. Interested companies and organizations also have the opportunity to develop holistic portal solutions for their own work and communication.