We are a Chinese service provider for education and training in the health sector. We run health and nursing education programs in China. The graduates who have been trained by us achieve level B2 in the German language and have a Chinese certificate of qualification as a health and medical care center.
In addition, we organize a worldwide exchange on health issues.


Competence Needs

Currently we are looking for hospitals as cooperation partners:

  1. We are looking for well-equipped hospitals (preferably university clinics) interested in long-term cooperative - and, if possible, friendly - relationships with Chinese [prime] class 3A hospitals, for example to
    1. organize medical exchanges and mutual exchange visits.
    2. arrange collaborations for common medical diagnoses and treatments.
  2. In Germany, we are looking for operators of hospitals who hire well-trained Chinese health and nursing staff and with whom we can cooperate in the long term.



If you are interested in further information or would like to contact the company, please leave a message with a reference to the Country-Desk code here. We will contact you immediately.